Welcome to the Narcissistic Abuse Support Group and Membership

This support group is full of beautiful and brave souls that are at all stages of recovery from Narcissistic Abuse. There are women in the group that are partnered or living with a narcissistic personality type. There are women who have recently broken up with a narcissistic partner. And there are women who have been out of narcissistic abuse for some time, and are still journeying through their recovery. There are also women in the group who have narcissistic family systems or are experiencing it at work.

By being part of this group you feel normal, validated and heard. You feel seen and appreciated by others who have been through similar experiences to you. With Narcissistic abuse being so difficult to explain or talk about to others, the support group comes as a warm embrace to those that have felt isolated, violated and depleted by narcissistic abuse. (And especially as sometimes we get seen as the ‘baddy’, or as the abusive one, as the narcissist can be so clever at charming others, this is a space where you know this just wont ever happen – you are safe in the knowing that we understand what you are going through).

Here is what some current members have to say about being part of the support group and membership